We see every child as an individual with lots of inborn talents. Therefore we aim to bring out these capabilities and talents through enjoyable learning experiences. We encourage every child to bring out their best through own actions at their own pace without creating a compelling situation for them. Our pre-planned programmes for group activities along with other children will help them to indulge and understand others emotions better.
Our staff take special care to closely watch and work with each child to guide them in the right direction by creating a friendly atmosphere. 

Safety Measures
We give utmost importance to the safety and security of your children while they are with us. We have monitoring systems with CCTV Camera’s established at every corner of the Nursery and the doors are connected with safety devices to identify every child brought in and out.  We scrutinize the process of handing over the child by the end of the day only to the parent or to the specially nominated persons by parents.